RSFireWall! v2.12.4 - The Most Advanced Security Extension For Joomla

RSFirewall! is the most advanced Joomla! security service that you can use to protect your Joomla! website from intrusions and hacker attacks. RSFirewall! is backed up by a team of experts that are trained to be always up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities and security updates. Features: Protect your website from Joomla! RCE vulnerabilities | Scan your files for malware | Protect your /administrator folder with an extra password | Check Joomla! core files for integrity | Protect administrator accounts | Steps to increase your website's security | Find and fix insecure file and folder permissions | Block access to specific countries | Automatically block IPs that attack your website

J-BusinessDirectory v5.2.9 - Extension For Joomla

J-BusinessDirectory is a professional and reliable business directory. You can create now the professional business directory you've always dreamed of. The clean display combined with sought business directory features make J-BusinessDirectory top of the list. You can create and efficiently manage any type of directory. Now compatible with Joomla!3.7 Using J-BusinessDirectory, you can provide your clients multiple benefits: responsive design, user friendly interface based on css3 and html5, possibility to promote business offers and events, map localization, zip code search, and much more.

Akeeba - Admin Tools Pro v5.5.0 - Security Component for Joomla

Maintain: Optimise your database tables. Clean your temporary directory. Or perform any of the countless other daily maintenance tasks with a single click each. | Change permissions: Fine-tune your file permissions without having to use FTP or SSH. | .htaccess Maker: Give your site the best overall protection. Create a sophisticated, secure .htaccess with an easy GUI. You don't have to be an expert. Or even know what a .htaccess file is. | Automate it: Let the most useful maintenance operations run automatically. Use a CRON to keep the file change scanner ticking while you're fast asleep. Simply and efficiently. | Redirect easily: Do you find the Redirect component hard to use? Are you puzzled by its inability to redirect URLs with parameters? No problem! Admin Tools' URL Redirect can do that. And much more. | Protect your site: Our Web Application Firewall protects your site against the vast majority of common attacks. You won't find any security tool more feature-complete than this. | Watch. Sniff. Catch: Admin Tools' PHP File Change Scanner will monitor your site's PHP files for changes. If something is amiss, it will let you know. It will even tell you which files might have been hacked.

CodeSter - K2 Online Users v1.0 - Joomla Module - 15239

K2 is a popular Joomla extension that provides many features and capabilities for Joomla users. Avatar image for users is one of these features. K2 Online Users is a simple Joomla module for displaying the avatars of online users. It uses K2 avatar of each user to show a list of online users. You can easily customize different options of this module. K2 Online Users provides the capability of excluding the given users. You can limit the number of displaying avatars and load more avatars by using AJAX technique. This module has three different layouts for showing the avatar and name of online users. You can easily control and customize this module via module setting at admin panel. Before installing this module, you have to install K2 component. This module can be installed on Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.x.

Articles Anywhere Pro v9.5.0 - Place articles anywhere in Joomla

Articles Anywhere is a powerful plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site, including within modules, 3rd party components, and even inside other articles. Not only you can place complete articles, but also only place specific data (like Title, Readmore Link, Text, Images, Custom Fields, etc). You have full control over how you want to display that data and how to style it. This can change the way you use your articles completely. For instance: Create custom modules displaying the article or articles you want. | Create pages that show a number of defined articles | Create your own custom blog layout pages/views | Create lists of article links (and other data) | Use an article as a content snippet, which you can include in multiple other articles/pages

JSN UniForm Pro Unlimited v4.1.25 - Effective Joomla Form Builder

Smart Joomla form builder for no more boring jobs, JSN UniForm extension helps you to create any kind of forms to make contact with your visitors easily. There is no requirement for technical knowledge and coding skill. All you need to do is to click to make your friendly form fields and focus on conversion rates optimization. Moreover, The task will be done even more easier and faster with variety of pre-built form options

iCagenda Pro v3.7.11 - Events Manager For Joomla

Welcome to iCagenda, the open-source events management software. iCagenda is a multi-lingual extension designed to create, manage and share events on a Joomla! based website. iCagenda was created by JoomliC in response to the need for an easy, nicely designed, and user friendly extension, for managing a calendar of events. Our goal is producing the highest quality extension for the Joomla! CMS, and improving iCagenda by adding new features frequently.