StoreJExtensions - JChatSocial v2.40 - Joomla Live Chat & Video Chat

JChatSocial is a powerful live chat and peer-to-peer videochat, a native extension for Joomla CMS with a look so similar to the Facebook chat, easy to install and use. Users can choose to start a private chat or join a group conversation, all completely free of charge because data stream is processed on your server. It's the first Joomla chat extension to implement HTML5 peer-to-peer technology for native HD videochat without the need of plugins and Flash and without consuming bandwidth on your site. It integrates with Skype software to dispatch calls directly from your Joomla! site, and has many advanced feature such as attachments exchange, avatars and more. JChatSocial works with JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena.

Breezing Forms Pro v1.9.0 Build 935 - Professional Form Builder For Joomla

BreezingForms Pro is the only state of the art form builder for Joomla!® that combines modern techniques with enterprise features. From great looking simple forms up to complex form applications -- almost everything is possible! If you need to create modern Joomla! forms with all bells and whistles like responsiveness, Twitter Bootstrap or web app style form based applications, then BreezingForms is the tool of your choice. With BreezingForms you are not locked up in a golden cage and confronted with limited features for the sake of easiness. Instead, we face the complexity and try to make it as easy and open as possible for you to finish even the most complex tasks. BreezingForms has an 8-year history of innovations that haven't been seen in Joomla!® forms and extensions before and until today. We continuously develop and implement new interesting features. With BreezingForms, you are holding a quality and value extension in your hands that you don't want to miss again. BreezingForms is one of the most popular and actively developed extensions for Joomla!. Get your copy and use the QuickMode and its awesome features to get your things done!

Akeeba - Backup Pro v7.1.4 - Backup Component for Joomla

One click backup: That's all it takes to create a full site backup. The archive includes your database, files and the restoration script. | Multiple formats available: Standard ZIP archives, highly optimised JPA archives or AES-128 secured JPS archives. It's your choice. | Customizable Backup Profiles: You get to choose what should be left out of the backup. Files or tables. And with multiple backup profiles you only set it up once. | Automatic Configuration: Akeeba Backup configures itself, optimally for your server. Have a problem? ALICE, our automated log analyser, will provide you with the right solution based on our years-long experience. | Migrate. Move. Duplicate: Migrate your site to a different server. Move it to a different location. Or create an exact clone. With Akeeba Backup, it's a piece of cake! | Take it to the Cloud: What good is a backup if your server goes down forever? Don't risk! Let Akeeba Backup automatically copy it to the Cloud. Built-in support for Amazon S3, DropBox and much more! | Automatic Backups: Akeeba Backup can take backups automatically. With four different automation ways, one is always compatible with your site. Let it backup and sleep tight!

OSMap Pro v4.2.29 - Joomla Sitemap Extension

A Joomla sitemap will help Google and other search engines find and understand your site's content. OSMap is the easiest way to add a sitemap to your Joomla site. All you need to do is install OSMap and it will do the rest. OSMap will automatically create a Google-friendly sitemap for all your content. The Free version of OSMap will create links for Joomla's core extensions. The Pro version of OSMap will give you access to extra features as well as our excellent support. The Pro version supports K2, Virtuemart, Kunena, SobiPro and more. The Pro version also has a powerful cache to enable sitemaps for larger sites.

Speed Cache v2.8.2 - Joomla Performance Extension - JoomUnited

Speed Cache is a natural improvement of the Joomla cache system with a powerful static page caching, compatible with user sessions, a full browser cache system, a image compression and progressive loading, an URL inclusion cache control and resources group & minify. Some handy tools are also part of the extension like the cache activation for logged in/logout users and an automatic cache cleaner on specified actions.

J2Store Pro v3.3.12 - Joomla Shopping Cart & eCommerce Extension

Discount coupons, vouchers: Attract more customers and encourage them to buy more with discount coupons, vouchers and more; Add more tools to your store: Send a professionally designed email and invoices to your customers.  Add qauntity restrictions and do much more; Manage stock easily: Manage your inventory efficiently with J2Store. Do not oversell. Your store can auto deduct the stock once customer places successful order; Priority support: Get support directly from the developers. Resolve your issues faster so that you can focus on growing business. Let us take care of the technical aspects.

FaLang Pro v3.3.0 - Joomla Extension

Falang simplifies the management of multilingual sites - it is much easier to use than the default Joomla! system.  The system allows you to translate all aspects of your site in a dedicated component, element after element, language after language. If you are experiencing problems, please first check the FAQ page for solutions to common problems. At present, this component is available in three versions with a large number of extensions k2, aiContactSafe, Redshop, hikashop...

EasyBlog Pro v5.4.3 - The Best Authoring Tool For Joomla

Compose, manage and publish elegant and sleek articles, with ease. Content Blocks: Easy to use drag & drop content builder, simplifying day to day composing experience. | History:  Keeps a history of changes on the post, made switching in between revisions back and forth hassle-free. | Geolocation: Pinpoint the exact location with Google Map on the post to show the better perspective to your audience. | Embeddables: Embed your favorite post from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and many more. | Cover Captions: Add captions to all of your post covers, capturing your audience attention even before going through the entire content.

Advanced Portfolio Pro v4.2.0 - Joomla Component

Advanced Portfolio Pro is the professional version of Advanced Portfolio. It is a Joomla! 3 and Joomla! 4 extension developed by ExtStore Team, supporting users to create a neat, flexible and effective portfolio-based site. The component manages projects by tags or categories. Each project contains a short and full description, easy image management, video and metadata options optimized for SEO.