CodeCanyon - AWS Amazon S3 - File Uploader v1.0.1 (Update: 19 March 20) - 24399000

AWS Amazon S3 File Uploader allows you to upload and share easily any file types and sizes with virtually unlimited number of files uploaded. It allows you to set size and file type restrictions both at client and server side for additional security. Amazon S3 provides you virtually unlimited cloud storage space. Maximum single upload file can be up to 5TB in size. AWS Amazon S3 File Uploader allows you generate public URLs and private signed URLs with the custom adjustable expiration time for the uploaded files and share with the users. Links can be shared either directly from a browser, or via email. You can also save storage cost with setting up automatic deletion of files at AWS Console.

CodeCanyon - Products and services for Perfex CRM v1.3.1 - 26621431

This is a module for Perfex CRM. Not a standalone script. This module allows you to sell products in perfex using stripe subscriptions or recurring invoices. NON REGISTERED USERS WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE/SUBSCRIBE TO PRODUCT AND REGISTER: Customers will be able to order to a product using any available payment gateway with invoices | Customer will be able to order recurring or one time products using invoices | Customers will be able to subscribe to a product using stripe subscription. | Customer will be able to order a subscription without staff manually creating a subscription from the admin dashboard. | Flexible product grouping to target specific clients | Admin/staff will be able to create products for subscription or invoices | Admin/staff will be able to add product for a specific customer only (visible to only that customer) | Admin/staff will be able to add product for a group of customers only (visible to only customer that belongs to that group only) | Admin/staff will be able to add product available to all customers | Admin/staff will be able to choose if the invoice product should be available or not on products page | Admin/staff will be able to choose if products for subscription should be available or not on products page | products can be created by staff using stripe plans for a particular customer, customer group or all customers. | Products can be added for as invoice pproduct. | See History of customers purchases | You can collect additional Information for customers eg. Shipping details | Module view are Customizable withut worrying about updates ( supports for my_prefixed views)

CodeCanyon - Anonymous v1.7 - Secret Confessions - 20583267

·100% Responsive | Friend of Mobile Devices | Points System | Badge System | Categories with Limited Access through Points | Censored Words (Enable/Disable) | User Ranking | Notifications (Likes and Comments) | New Entries via Modal | Create new Genres and Colors | Create New Categories | Like system | Count of Views | Sharing in Social Networks | Tag system | Creation of new Pages | Sections (Latests/Viral/Random) | Online / Offline User badge | Report management | Set Logo and Favicon | SEO Title, Description and Tagline | Results Per Page | Pause New Entries | New Stories in Moderation or Immediately Published | MIN/MAX Characters for Stories | MIN/MAX Characters for Comment | Activate/Deactivate Entries in one-click | Create New ADS Units | Feature Posts from the Admin area | The Admin Can Delete the Stories from the Front-End as well. | By setting the role of moderator to a user, he can also manage the stories. This is very useful to help you filter the stories in case of multiple submissions.

CodeCanyon - DOKANS v1.2.5 - Multitenancy Based Ecommerce Platform (SAAS) - 31122915 - NULLED

Dokans is a multitenancy-based eCommerce platform similar to Shopify business modules customers can create e-commerce within 5 minutes. This script support subdomain and custom domain for e-commerce. Anyone can build any kind of e-commerce site using this script. Customers can sell physical products and digital products and change the UI theme easily. We integrated 4 e-commerce themes and added 7+ payment getaways. All payment Getaways support sandbox mode and live mode and fully securely. This script included 2 click site installer to install the script without any technical knowledge.

CodeCanyon - MailWizz v1.9.28 - Email Marketing Application - 6122150 - NULLED

With MailWizz not only that you will be able to properly handle email marketing for your own purposes but you can also become an Email Service Provider for your customers, since MailWizz integrates easily with payment gateways like Paypal and it offers all the needed tools to create pricing plans, promotional codes and to manage orders and transactions created by your customers. You can send an unlimited number of email campaigns (newsletters) to an unlimited number of lists containing an unlimited numbers of subscribers. If you handle newsletter for multiple websites, you can treat those as customers and have unlimited too! If we made you curious then give it a try and make your business better.

CodeCanyon - Stories v1.3 - Laravel Creative Multilingual Blog - 30755590 - NULLED

Stories is a clean and minimal Laravel blog script perfect for writers who need to create a personal blog site with simple creative features and effects to make readers feel the pleasure of reading blog posts and articles. Packed with a fine assortment of adventure and travel blog templates, tons of exciting pre-designed layouts for all types of blogs. Stories is a personal blog template mixes between modern, classic, and minimal styles and will help you create a simple and clean blog, if you are a blogger, then it’s a perfect choice.

CodeCanyon - Doctorino v1.0 - Doctor Chamber Management System - 28707541

Doctorino is a responsive patient management system. It is complete solution for doctor to manage their patient appointments, patient details and also manage billing of particular patient. This system is built completely with PHP Laravel 7 framework and MYSQL. It has a nice and attractive interface that are really awesome and eyecatching. The system has a lot of nice features that are needed for a doctor to handle their patients easily. This system is bulit using PHP Laravel 7 framework. For this reason, it can be customized easily by most of the developers. In all pages, all security checks and invalid page submission checking were done so invalid user cannot access your system and your data will be safe.

CodeCanyon - Bitmine v2.0 - Advanced Bitcoin Mining Platform - 25814167

BITMINE is an Bitcoin Mining PHP Script made with Laravel Framework. its Built to be beautiful, fast, secure and powerful. Bitmine comes with minimum banking features like auto deposit (, coinpayment, blockchain, coingate), automated mining without cronjob, sharing bitcoin, referral bonus and more. its easy to install our system within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge.

CodeCanyon - Essentials & HRM (Human resource management) Module for UltimatePOS v2.5 - 23643267

·Support of this item is included with the support of UltimatePOS Advance. UltimatePOS Advance is one in All Software with: Stock or Inventory Management; POS (Point Of Sale); Service & Invoicing; It can be used for; All Services; Fashion & Clothing; Departmental Stores; Medical; Footwear, Liquor shops, Sanitary & Hardware; Salon & Spa; Home Appliances & Digital; Restaurants & many more … Retails, WholeSale, Consulting. ... Features in Essentials module for UltimatePOS. Leaves management: Leave Type; Maximum leave counts; Leave count interval; Leave status – Added/Approved/Denied | Attendance: Clock-In & Clock-out; Clock-In, Clock-Out notes; Interval calculation | Payroll: Based on attendance; Allowances; Deductions; Payroll payment | Holidays: Holiday for a particular location or all locations; Send notification to users | ToDo List: Add new to-do items; Mark items as completed; Delete items; Date-Wise to-do list | Document Storage & Sharing: Easy document storage to cloud in your server; Share documents with other users or other roles; Download document; Delete documents | Memos: Written message or short or Long notes; Share with other users or roles; Delete | Reminders: Add reminder with event name, date, time | One time reminder or Repeated reminder – every day or every week or every month: Nice calendar view | Messaging: Send messages to everyone within your business; Send to a particular location; Permission to allow sending or only view in roles | Compatible with SaaS/Superadmin module: Option to add this module as a part of subscription packages. | One Click installation. | Complete setup guide.

CodeCanyon - SaaS & Superadmin Module for UltimatePOS - Advance v2.7 - 22394431

·Turn your UltimatePOS Advance application into SaaS application and start selling subscriptions to be profitable. No Coding Required. UltimatePOS Advance is one in All Software with: Stock or Inventory Management | POS (Point Of Sale) | Service & Invoicing | It can be used for: All Services; Fashion & Clothing; Departmental Stores; Medical; Footwear, Liquor shops, Sanitary & Hardware; Salon & Spa; Home Appliances & Digital; Restaurants & many more … Features in SaaS & Superadmin module. Packages: Create Unlimited subscription packages; Activate, Deactivate or Delete Packages; Trial Days; Free Packages; Daily / Monthly / Yearly Interval selection; Limit number of locations, active users, Products, Invoices; Private packages (can only be seen by superadmin and superadmin can only assign that to businesses); One time package (Package which can be subscribed only once); Modules enable with package | Manage Businesses: Add, View, Deactivate or delete businesses; View business subscription logs; Assign package to business; Approve, Waiting or Decline subscriptions; Filter business by there last transaction date | Payment Gateways: Stripe; Paypal; Razorpay (Indian payment gateway); Pesapal (Kenya payment gateway); PayStack (For NGN Nigeria, GHS Ghana); Flutterwave; Offline payment | Super Admin Settings: Manage different settings directly from interface; Application settings; Payment gateway related settings; Backup: Local or Dropbox; Pusher settings; Custom or Additional jаvascript, CSS; Register terms & conditions | Emails: New business welcome emails; Package subscription confirmation email; Package expiry email | Communicator to send message to all or selected businesses | Intuitive dashboard to give details of your businesses. | One Click installation | Complete setup guide. | Subscriptions alert on expiry.

CodeCanyon - Sendex v1.1.1 - Email Marketing Application - 28200474

Sendex – Email Marketing Application is the easiest way to send email marketing newsletters! Create your brands, add campaigns and monitor progression. Sendex has powerful features to create dynamic lists using different segments. Stop wasting monthly subscription fees and make your newsletter marketing more professional. Sendex is developed using Laravel 8.1, Vue.js & MySQL database. It’s easy to install and you’ll get free updates forever.

CodeCanyon - v1.9 - Saas Multiuser Profile & Resume Script - 23743952 - NULLED is a multi-user profile, resume, and v card script. It comes with a clean, secured, responsive, SEO friendly & eye-catching design which will attract your future employer with the first impression. You can easily add your Services, Experiences, Skills, Portfolios & Blogs without any coding skills. This script is perfect to promote yourself and your business focused on multi-user, portfolio, freelancer, photographer, artworks, art, artist portfolio, web designer, illustrators, designer, developers, programmers & coder.